X-FIT PANTS-L - Riding Pants

cod.: 0021652
cod. US: 263452

  • 4-Season undergarment
  • Dryarn technology fabric for high breathability
  • Compatible with any type of knee brace
  • Removable side-vented padding with P.O.I. technology (visco elastic material)
  • Perfect for use with knee guards and knee braces:  prevents skin irritation

COMPOSITION: 45% Polyurethane; 25% Polyamide; 25% Polypropylene; 5% Other fibers.

S/M 063 (28/30)
L/XL 067 (32/34)
XXL 069 (36/38)



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Plastic, protections, clothing, helmets, boots and all those accessories that are indispensible to a motorcyclist in order to enjoy an activity to the full. Racing becomes a philosophy of life, the final mission is undertaken every day.

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