cod.: 0022777

  • Elastic strap on the waist with Velcro closure.
  • 2 shoulder straps with front and back adjustment.
  • Chest protection made of plastic cover and polyester PE multilayer foam with CERTIFICATION 1621-3.
  • Side protection in memory foam for high impact absorption.
  • Protection of shoulders and elbows in memory foam for high impact absorption, with CERTIFICATION EN 1621-1/2012.
  • Padding on back in multilayer expanded plastic plates with CERTIFICATION EN 1621-1/2014.
  • Sleeves in perforated elastic material with high breathability.
  • Body armor in elastic mesh to increase comfort and breathability.

COMPONENTS: Polypropylene 29%; EVA 27%; Polyurethane 25%; Polyester 15%; Other 4%.

  • S/M 063
  • L/XL 067
  • XXL 069




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