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13 January 2019

The task was to develop a product that could be comfortable, light, breathable and, at the same time, able to offer the best protection. The result? X-FIT FUTURE. The new body armour is made of a seamless cloth in high elasticity polypropylene and nylon Dryarn®, with a different weave over the perspiring areas to guarantee the best breathability. The removable soft protections for chest, back, elbows and shoulders are made of a shock-absorbing visco-elastic material. Their design is to reduce the encumbrance, without sacrificing their homologated protection level. Moreover, X-FIT FUTURE includes soft plates in memory foam covering the waist area.

Motocross, enduro, maxienduro, mountain biking, skiing. X-FIT FUTURE BODY ARMOUR is a product fit for every sporting necessity where being both protected and free to move makes the difference.

X-FIT FUTURE is also for kids: the product shows the same characteristics of the adult version, without the encumbrance of the waist plates.



  • Protective summer / winter underwear
  • Highly breathable Dryarn fabric technology
  • Side zip fastening
  • Compatible with Neck-Brace
  • Removable, homologated protectors
  • EN1621-2/2014 homologated back protector
  • EN1621-3/2017 homologated chest protector
  • EN1621/2012 homologated shoulder and elbow guards
  • Chest / back / shoulder / elbow protectors that are more ergonomic, softer and thinner
  • Additional hip protection in Memory Foam material (adult sizes only)
  • New “cold hand” fabric
  • The key perspiration points (arms / hips / armpits / chest / back) feature a mesh fabric for maximum ventilation


55% Polyethylene, 40% Polypropylene, 5% Elastam


  • S/M - 160/175cm - 65/75kg
  • L/XL - 175/190cm - 75/90kg
  • XXL - 190/200cm - 90/105kg



  • S/M - 7/10yrs - 125/145cm
  • L/XL - 11/13yrs - 145/160cm

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