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06 February 2022

The ACERBIS Sport Catalog 2022 is finally out!

Growth, innovation and dynamism: these are the key words of the concept that led to the genesis of the new workbook, which accompanies the start of the new year with the aim of making a change in the market, enhancing the ACERBIS brand more and more at international level.

The core of this philosophy is the cover, embellished with an elegant metallic beige (Pantone 874 U) and a clean and essential graphic style, which recalls the technical aspect that characterizes the entire catalog. 

The new workbook narrates in detail the ACERBIS collection, which has become even more complete by expanding the choice thanks to a new revisited basic look and the completion of the sublimation line, which is now available for new sports disciplines. 

The new catalog has been organized according to a subdivision by sporting disciplines, including brand-new section such as "Handball" and "Running and Rackets": within this last section you will find the new products of the Padel line, the most popular sport of the moment.
The storytelling of the new workbook is also enriched by specially designed infographics that highlight the technical aspects of certain types of products, such as padel rackets and balls.

Discover the ACERBIS Sport Catalog 2022 and all the new products by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3ri8l68

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