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17 October 2022

The collection, which includes accessories, apparel and rackets, was born from an in-depth study of materials, which led to the creation of products with attention to detail and excellent value for money.
Among the main innovations introduced with the collection are, precisely, the Padel rackets, whose top layer is composed of Kevlar + Carbon in the Masterpiece racket and 3K + Carbon in the Masterwork racket.
The two paddles, whose names echo the masterpieces in sports that anyone can achieve on the playing field, can rely on a core made of SOFT EVA, while the frame is 100 percent carbon.
Padel rackets from ACERBIS also feature an outer protection (Protector, included in the box) that not only protects the top layer but also acts in anti-shock mode.
Not just racquets, Acerbis' Padel collection offering is complete and offers technical garments designed for the world of racquet sports. Breathability, comfort, elegant and essential design are in fact among the main features of the Speedy Jersey (code 0910467, available in 4 colors) and Speedy Woman Jersey (code 0910468, available in 4 colors), which can be combined respectively with the Bermuda Smash (code 0910471), comfortable and equipped with practical side pockets, and Zania Mini Skirt (code 0910780), the new mini skirt with inner shorts characterized by a breathable and durable fabric.
New products also include the Protea Woman Singlet (code 0910779), the comfortable cotton T-shirt highlighting the company's Erodium T-Shirt (code 0910885), the CAP Acerbis Logo branded cap (code 0024881), the Evo Wristband sweatband (code 0910829) and the Jolly Socks reinforced specific sock (code 0910905).
The Padel collection from ACERBIS is completed by the Master Padel Bag (code 0910914), designed for all players looking for the best bag to carry and protect their outfits: in fact, the 100% polyester bag is equipped with a practical thermal pocket where you can conveniently store your Padel racket.

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